Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases

What is this package about?

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are results of unprotected vaginal intercourse and oral sex. Sometimes if left untreated for long, STD can cause chronic pain and even death. STD should be treated immediately for one's own health and to prevent it from spreading.

Advantages of the package:

The package is available for men and women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. The treatment is helpful in resolving the complications and eliminating symptoms if any.

Salient features of the package:

  • Identification of the problems
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Analyzing the symptoms of the diseases
  • Treating the symptoms
  • -treatmental medicines provided for 15 days.
  • Types of problems addressed in the package:

    • Sexually transmitted disease
    • Symptoms of the infection
    • Related issues associated with STD

    Steps of the treatment:

    • Sexual history is taken into account
    • Physical symptoms are analyzed
    • Treatment procedure is initiated
    • Following up on the healing process

    Anticipated results:

    • Cure to the disease
    • Eliminating symptoms
    • Relief from pain