As we know that Leukorrhea is women disease which medical name for normal vaginal discharge. There are lots of symptoms and you may notice it in your underwear,It’s usually thick which can be white or yellow, but it doesn’t cause itching, burning, pain, or irritation of the tissue around the vaginal opening. It’s hard sometimes to tell the difference between leukorrhea and vaginal discharge caused from a yeast infection.

Symptoms of Lucorhea

As we realize that Leukorrhea is ladies sickness which restorative name for typical vaginal release. There are bunches of manifestations and you may see it in your underwear,It’s normally thick which can be white or yellow, however it doesn’t cause tingling, consuming, torment, or aggravation of the tissue around the vaginal opening. It’s hard some of the time to differentiate amongst leukorrhea and vaginal release caused from a yeast contamination. Leucorrhoea itself is a characteristic increment in vaginal release yet it can end up irksome and problematic to the typical existence of a female. Numerous elements can add to the reason, and a few manifestations might be signs of a more genuine condition.

The best aversion is to keep the body clean and eat a solid eating routine alongside the satisfactory utilization of water. Wearing agreeable, breathable underwear and transforming them frequently will likewise help keep a portion of the development and microorganisms that can cause leucorrhoea.

  • Frequent urination, especially burning during urination or passing little urine
  • Upset stomach such as diarrhea and much more
  • Frequent headaches
  • Black or dark circles under the eyes
  • Itching in the vaginal and surrounding areas,
  • Pain during or after intercourse
  • Spots on undergarments from discharge
  • Lower back or abdominal pain
  • Leg pain, specifically calf and thigh

The best prevention is to keep the body clean and eat a healthy diet along with the adequate consumption of water. Wearing comfortable, “breathable” panties and changing them often will also help prevent some of the build up and bacteria that can cause leucorrhoea.