What is this package about?

Sexual dysfunctions are becoming widespread in men owing to their unhealthy lifestyle practices, genetic composition and psychological issues. Poor sexual stamina and hormonal imbalance are also responsible for sexual dysfunctions. Common sexual dysfunctions, which tends to hamper the sexual experience for both partners.

What problems does this package intend to treat?

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Erection laxity
  • Lack of libido
  • Lack of sexual stamina
  • Early ejaculation

Why should you opt for this package?

This package is designed to treat the widespread sexual problem of sexual weakness.

The treatment utilizes effective medications and remedies to treat the symptoms and its root causes effectively. It ensures speedy recovery from the symptoms.

Characteristics of the package include:

  • Expert consultation is offered
  • Medication and stress management remedies are utilised.
  • Treatment will be offered for 30 days .
  • Medication is delivered via courier within 3-5 days.

Plan of treatment:

  • Symptoms are noted
  • Medical and lifestyle details are obtained
  • Suitable medication and remedies are prescribed
  • Appropriate precautionary tips are shared
  • Suitable lifestyle practices are advised

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Relief from symptoms
  • Increased libido
  • Boost in sexual stamina
  • Improved sexual experience